Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More I Love Candy!

Candy Crowley tries to explain why she shot down Romney on the Syria terrorist question on her very own CNN.  I'm ashamed that I watched this now over 10 times.  Just what in the world is she trying to say here after she admitted that she may have been wrong?

Again, good journalists report the story. Good journalists are supposed to be able to explain a story without injecting their personal feelings.  First she injected herself into the story instead of moderating, and now she can't really explain herself.

Barack Obama also really couldn't explain himself on this issue.

I guess under the circumstances all we can do is listen to another version of the Strangeloves classic, "I Love Candy," performed at another TV show back in 1965 which this was a massive hit record! (Notice that these guys went from being a trio to a foursome.)

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