Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mike Nerheim, Keith Brin and Steve Newton Endorsed by the Daily Herald

Republican candidates for Lake County deservedly received three out of four endorsements today. All three were strong endorsements.

Keith Brin was endorsed for Lake County Clerk of Circuit Court as "having the knowledge, qualifications and enthusiasm to take on the challenges of the job and to do so from day one."  His endorsement can be read here.

Steve Newton was endorsed for Lake County Coroner as having "the experience to hit the ground running and the temperament to be a reassuring presence at the helm of a very difficult post. He aims to repair frayed relationships between the coroner's office and others in the county, and we believe him to be the best man for the job." His opponent's "disdain for law enforcement" was also raised. His endorsement can be read over here.

Mike Nerheim was strongly endorsed for Lake County State's Attorney, who felt his "private practice experience as a criminal defense attorney gives him an edge in the turnaround" (of the office), noting that his opponent's work in private practice was "mostly civil" and not criminal. This endorsement can be read right here.

Of the four candidates running for county wide offices, only Bob Bednar, candidate for Recorder of Deeds was not endorsed. Bendar has been pushing for the functions of this office to be consolidated with other offices, as is the case with most other counties in the State. The Daily Herald felt that this "is an issue that should be addressed in its own context." That endorsement can be read here.

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  1. Great blog, Lou! Isn't it interesting that Bednar was the only countywide Republican who didn't get endorsed by the Daily Herald? He isn't running on any issues. Vanderventer is not corrupt, has done a decent job and seems to be well liked by people. I am not sure he has much of a chance of winning at all. He isn't that well liked by people, tends to shoot off his mouth wherever he goes and has no plans for the office except to get rid of it.