Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberal Eric Zorn Criticizes Vampire Personal PAC Tactics

I'm not the only guy who has noticed that Political Vampire Group (PVG) Personal PAC tactics have been dishonest and deliberately misleading to voters. Zorn correctly points out what I previously pointed out, if a pro-choice candidate for office does not take an extreme view that choice should have "no exceptions" then Personal PAC will attack and sink their fangs into them.

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, an avowed liberal, also takes them to task.  You can read Mr. Zorn's take on the situation here.

Zorn even interviewed Lake County Republican State Senate Candidate Joe Neal, who has been bitten by this vampire group and featured a dishonest Personal PAC mailing attacking Neal on this issue.

In case anyone has noticed, I consider Political Vampire Groups, which are usually single issue groups that support mostly one political party or the other, and who troll the supporters of those parties for money they use to perpetuate themselves at the expense of candidates, the lowest creatures in the political food chain.

Personal PAC through their mailers this election cycle attacking pro-choice candidates such as Joe Neal and Arie Friedman for State Senate, is "Exhibit A" in proving my contention.

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