Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laughable Tea Party Claims of Brad Schneider

The Chicago Tribune in an editorial which strongly endorsed Robert Dold for reelection to Congress called Brad Schneider's portrayal of Dold as a Tea Party Member or Tea Party supporter "laughable." The Daily Herald in their endorsement of Dold called Schneider's portrayals as deliberately misleading.

Schneider's response?  Doubling down on more advertising that followed the same messages.

Today a cartoon by Scott Stantis of the Chicago Tribune completely sums up the Schneider campaign:

Are the voters of the 10th Congressional District too smart to fall for Schneider's tactics? I believe they are.


  1. Brad Schneider is a 3rd tier candidate who continues to run a D- campaign. I bet the DCCC is kicking themselves for not recruiting a better candidate for the 10th.

    1. I dont like this. Why does it have to come down to this? The elections should be about what the candidates are doing right, not bashing on each other. Let's focus on what's really important instead of bullying one another.