Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lake County Judicial Endorsements by Chicago Tribune

A little bit of confusion this morning by the Tribune.
The Tribune endorsements are as follows:  FAIR WARNING: in the 3rd Subcircuit, Daniel Shanes has been a judge for 5 years and is highly recommended by the Lake County Bar Association, not Jeffrey Braiman.  Braiman is the Village President of Buffalo Grove.  The Tribune crossed up the names and a correction appears on their online edition. The print edition I received however shows the error. The days of "early" and "late" editions of newspapers no longer exist, so I am assuming that all print editions of the Chicago Tribune that were delivered or sold today contained this error.

Why do I bring all of this up?  Well, Brad Schneider, Democrat, used an incorrect Houston Chronicle article as part of a television ad which mislabeled Congressman Dold as a Tea Partier, which they later corrected not only on their online edition, but later print editions. Who refused to correct the incorrect information after it was pointed out to them by multiple sources? The less than transparent Brad Schneider for Congress campaign.

So beware of any advertising that may claim a Democrat was endorsed for Judge in Lake County.  All of the Republican candidates were endorsed for Judge in Lake County's 19th Judicial Circuit.

Judge Luis Berrones was endorsed for the 2nd Subcircuit A vacancy. Judge Daniel Shanes was endorsed for the 3rd Subcircuit A vacancy, and Judge Thomas Schippers was endorsed for the 3rd Subcircuit B vacancy.  All were found to be highly recommended by Bar Associations for their legal abilities and temperaments.

In addition, Judge John Phillips was recommended for retention.

I am assuming that tomorrow's print edition of the Chicago Tribune will show the correction that has already been made online.  In the meantime, click here to read the CORRECTED endorsements.

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  1. Great judicial endorsements! These men all truly are deserving of any endorsements they receive. I do believe they make wise decisions in the cases they have and are sound and have integrity and good character.