Friday, October 26, 2012

Lake County Circuit Court Clerk Coffelt Endorses Keith Brin

The Keith Brin for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk campaign has released a press release containing the endorsement of outgoing County Circuit Court Clerk Sally Coffelt.  Coffelt announced her retirement after 32 years (8 consecutive elections) of fine service to Lake County in that position.

Ms. Coffelt's formal endorsement, which was expected, is contained in the press release, and is as follows:

“I’ve been honored and humbled to be your Lake County Circuit Clerk for the last 8 terms, but in 2011 I made the decision not to run again and instead retire at the end of this term. Since the first day I took office we’ve worked under a certain philosophy: do more with less, stay within our budget, and make customer service a priority. I could not have asked for a more perfect opportunity in a more perfect job, and I have the people of Lake County to thank for allowing me to work in public service to the best of my ability for so long.

“Shortly after the last election I hired a bright young man, Keith Brin, to be my Chief Deputy. As an attorney, Keith brought in a different perspective, and with it, additional creativity and innovation. Keith learned the operations of the office, and undertook to spearhead the continued creation, design and implementation of a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that will take the courts into the next generation. He has formed solid working relationships with the Bar Association, the judges, police agencies and the community that are invaluable to a successful collaboration in the courts. Keith understands what it takes to manage, lead and innovate an office of our size: 5 courthouses and almost 150 employees with a budget of more than 12 million dollars. I am confident given his intelligence, skill, enthusiasm, leadership and initiative that Keith is ready to take the office to the next level quickly and cost effectively, and will live up to and exceed the expectations of the people of Lake County in their elected officials. There are many reasons that I’m casting my vote as a Lake County resident for Keith Brin on November 6th, but I’m also very proud to have endorsed him without reservation as the next Lake County Circuit Clerk.”

About Keith Brin:
Keith Brin is the Chief Deputy for the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk. An attorney and business executive from Highland Park, Keith received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Emory University and his JD from the Loyola University School of Law. He is highly involved in area civic organizations, including serving as chair of the Technology Committee for the Lake County Bar Association and as Vice Chair of the Moraine Township Republicans.

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