Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Love Candy!

As predicted, President Obama put on a lively performance.  But the story is now Candy Crowley, who felt that being a moderator included being a fact checker.  After interrupting Mitt Romney's statement that Obama did not call the Libya Ambassador assassination and attack on our embassy a terrorist attack, Ms. Crowley proclaimed Romney wrong, shutting down that whole debate, to the extreme relief of a nervous Obama.

Now by inserting herself into the debate, Ms. Crowley has inadvertently opened the door to another serious debate over the Obama administration and their repeated claims that the incident was started by a video which sparked a riot. This after Secretary of State Clinton and even Obama last night finally owned up to who was ultimately responsible for this massive security failure.

Turns out a review of the transcript of the 9/12 Rose Garden statement and video prove Romney right and Crowley wrong. Crowley now grudgingly admits such, but is still trying to mealy-mouth her way past her major gaffe, which interfered with the voter's right to get information from the debate she poorly moderated. She is part of the media which adores itself at the expense of the public and it showed last night.  Good journalists do not become the story, they just report the story.

Before the debates, Ms. Crowley made numerous public appearances crowing about how she would moderate the debates and how she would inject herself in them. By comparison, the moderators of the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate refused all interviews for the week leading up to their performances.

But that's what happens when you insert a cable news maven who craves the limelight.  So since she wanted the limelight, and publicly stated she would insert herself into the debate, here's to you Candy! From the Strangeloves, whose recording of "I Love Candy" in 1965 took it to No. 11 nationally:


  1. Great video clip, Lou, but my generation prefers the version by Bow Wow Wow.

  2. Naw, TA! These guys rocked! The Bow Wow Wow version (and some over covers I found) are pretty lame next to the wild "thump, thump . . . . thump, thump" of the original. The costumes and go-go girl stuff is priceless!

    The joke is this was a fictional band, with a press release claiming they were three brothers who were Australian Sheepherders. The record producer credited was also a fictional name. When this record took off, they hired session musicians to play on TV shows and actually tour. They released only one album and were one of those classic one hit wonder "groups."

    Kind of like that "Hope and Change" thing from 2008, eh? Here today, gone forever? :-)