Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

Brad Schneider has now come up with multiple excuses for not coming clean on his "successful business" called Cadence Consulting Group.

"I'm a business guy. I like using numbers to solve problems and help people," Schneider declares in some of his literature. "Brad has worked with small businesses, helping them grow and succeed," states another.

Brad Schneider, successful businessman since January of 2010. Because he says so.  When you drive south on the Edens Expressway, you see a three story building with a sign on it that says "Rose Exterminators." That company has been servicing my home for over 30 years on a quarterly basis. That is an actual business, owned and operated by Robert Dold, Congresman. His family has been an institution on the North Shore with that business for far more decades than I have been a customer.

On the internet you find a webpage that says Cadence Consulting Group. A candidate named Brad Schneider reports to the House of Representatives that he earns "zero" income from this endeavor, all the while telling voters that he is a successful businessman, helping them grow and succeed. 

The Washington Free Beacon has written an extensive article about it, which was later featured in the Drudge Report, the largest internet news aggregator. The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Daily Herald have written about it. So have other blog sites, including Capitol Fax. Our local Patch publications haven't.

In the last month, Schneider has come up with different excuses to explain these contradiction of how he has run a successful business with zero income, zero clients and zero employees for the past three years.

Let's check them off, shall we?
  • Brad Schneider submitted his financial disclosure forms, following an extension, to the US House of Representatives.  Though Schneider’s campaign platform touts him as a successful businessman due to his time with Cadence Consulting, his disclosure reports reveal he hasn’t drawn any income or employed any staff through his firm. (August 15, 2012)
  • The Washington Free Beacon quoted Schneider for Congress spokesperson Staci McCabe, citing the reason why Schneider hasn’t reported income in his disclosure forms is that he spent “the bulk of his time working to build Lead Out Capital Partners.”  Is he telling us Cadence Consulting wasn’t successful enough to allow Schneider to earn any income so he left it to build another business that also didn’t provide him with any income? This Article ended up being featured on the internet's Drudge Report, the largest news aggregator online. (September 24, 2012)
  • Schneider states to the Daily Herald, “The last two years I’ve been working on this campaign.  I haven’t been billing any hours.  Therefore, I haven’t had any revenue.”  (October 3, 2012) However, in January of 2010, Dan Seals was running for the 10th Congressional District against Robert Dold, not Schneider. Dold was elected that November and sworn into office in January of 2003. What was he working on during that time frame again?
You would think Brad Schneider and his campaign would get their statements straight and explain why Cadence Consulting has reported zero income, zero clients, and zero employees for the last three years, including in 2010 when Schneider was apparently running for congress in the 10th at the same time as Dan Seals.

He refuses to release his income tax returns, which may actually explain these contradictions.  He did demand that Romney release his income tax returns.  He also  continues to blatantly misrepresent Dold's votes and positions. 

The people of the 10th District deserve to know the truth about Schneider and his business background.  His evasiveness begs two questions, ‘What is Brad Schneider hiding?’” "And why is he hiding it?"

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