Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Herald endorses Mark Shaw and Dave McSweeney: Patch Publication Bias Rears Its Ugly Head

The Daily Herald has strongly endorsed Republican Mark Shaw for State Representative in the 58th District.  Their editorial can be read here.

The Daily Herald has also endorsed Dave McSweeney for State Representative but endorsed Representative Elaine Nekritz over a strong candidate, Republican Jonah Greenberg.

Sadly, today's Patch publications continue their long standing policy of slanting articles in favor of Democrats. Is anyone really shocked that extremist Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky labels Congressmen Eric Cantor and Robert Dold as Tea Partiers?  Why was this treated as a serious opinion?  If Congressman Joe Walsh was interviewed and asked his opinion of Democrats, the piece would have run ridiculing his positions.

Are Patch and Shakowsky that upset that moderate Jewish voters and moderate Jewish organizations are supporting Dold to be reelected to Congress?  Do Patch and Shakowsky both feel that voters are too stupid and ignorant to see through their clear bias?

Congressman Eric Cantor is in town today supporting the reelection of Robert Dold.  This clearly has upset the radical fringe element of the Democratic party.

Speaking of Patch Publication bias, I have yet to see any articles about the Mark Shaw for State Representative Campaign appear in Patch, other than to announce his slating as a candidate.  Why?  Has ownership of Patch by left wing leaning Ariana Huffington AOL/Huffington Post THAT badly slanted their articles?

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