Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chicago Tribune Endorses Robert Dold for Congress

Yes folks, it is official.  The Chicago Tribune has strongly endorsed Robert Dold in his quest for reelection in the 10th Congressional District. The endorsement will appear in the Sunday Edition of the Chicago Tribune and is already online on their website. 

The Tribune in pertinent part stated: "Schneider's efforts to make Dold out as a tea party kind of Republican are laughable, though. Dold has voted with his party 82 percent of the time, the lowest in the Illinois House delegation. 

"Dold was a co-sponsor and one of just 38 House members to vote in favor of the Cooper-LaTourette debt reduction plan, the only bipartisan budget resolution to make it to the House floor in more than a decade. That measure would raise some taxes and make sensible spending cuts. Schneider said he would vote against it — not a great sign that he would help to break the gridlock in Washington.
"Schneider supports the Affordable Care Act; Dold voted against the law known as Obamacare, but says he supports provisions such as mandatory insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions and coverage for children on a parent's policy up to age 26.
"Dold has the kind of fresh perspective Congress needs. He's a business owner and he understands what government should do to encourage employers to hire. He champions transparency — Dold has released years of tax returns, Schneider refuses to do so.
Dold's record shows that he can think for himself and bridge political divides, two qualities that are in short supply in Congress. He has earned a second term, and he is endorsed."
The complete video of the Robert Dold/Brad Schneider debate before the Chicago Tribune editorial board can be viewed here:  The answers to questionnaires filed by the candidates with the Tribune can be accessed at:

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