Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chicago Tribune Endorses Nerheim, Brin and Newton

If the headline to this article looks familiar, it is because the Chicago Tribune has followed the lead of the Daily Herald and endorsed Mike Nerheim for Lake County States Attorney, Keith Brin for Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Steve Newton for Lake County Coroner.

The Tribune liked the extensive experience Mike Nerheim has in criminal law including defense work as compared to his opponent, and also cited the independent panel of volunteer former prosecutors, judges and attorneys to help prevent wrongful convictions. The Tribune felt the independent outside board would be more effective than an in-house panel or individual proposed by his opponent.

The Tribune also chose Keith Brin for Circuit Court Clerk, citing his plan to continue technological improvements to the office.

The Tribune preferred Steve Newton, a former chief deputy coroner, for Coroner, citing his plan to boost awareness of substance abuse and cutting expenses by linking up with Coroners in neighboring counties to pool resources in purchasing equipment and supplies.

Finally, Bob Bednar was not endorsed for Recorder. Mary Ellen Vanderventer received the endorsement for upgrading and modernizing the office. The Tribune did feel she should borrow one excellent idea from Bednar, whether the office can be merged into the county clerk's office. They didn't heard her contrary position on that matter during the two recent League of Women Voter debates.

The endorsements can be fully read here.

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