Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chicago Tribune Endorsements for State House

The Tribune stated their endorsements in contested races for the Illinois House included three of five Republicans running in this area.  They can be read here.

David McSweeney was endorsed in the 52nd District, with the Tribune citing the major bankrolling of the race of his opponent by Michael Madigan.

Jonathan Greenberg was strongly endorsed in the 57th District over Rep. Elaine Nekritz. Greenberg was described as being sharp, sincere and fed up. The Tribune felt his opponent had little to show for her efforts as  chairwoman of the pension committee.

Jackie Burleson was also strongly endorsed in the 60th District over Rep. Rita Mayfield, who routinely casts votes against reforming anything in Springfield.

That is the good news. There were also two odd endorsements by the Trib:

The Tribune endorsed Scott Drury over Mark Shaw for the 58th House Seat. Although Shaw emphasized that a vote for Drury is a vote for Michael Madigan, and was deemed an impressive candidate, the anti-Madigan Tribune was dazzled by a resume that included being a former federal prosecutor. The Tribune neglected to mention that Drury started running for Lake County State's Attorney, then jumped when his party dangled the vacated 58th seat in front of him. Political opportunist or reformer?  We'll see.

In a stunner, in the 59th District, the Tribune also endorsed Rep. Carol (I don't want to debate!) Sente over Rep. Sid Mathias. They felt Mathias would be anti-pension reform since he received a smattering of donations from labor unions, neglecting the nearly one half million dollars Madigan has spent on Sente this race. Go figure!

Does the Tribune feel that Drury and Sente will not vote for another Madigan term as Speaker of the House if they are elected on November 6th? This too after Mathias was one of a few courageous Republicans to lead the charge to replace Lee Daniels as Republican House leader a few years back? Pretty naive for a usually astute editorial board.

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