Friday, October 5, 2012

Brad Schneider Businessman Claims Finally Questioned by Chicago Tribune

The mainstream media is slowing picking up on Brad Schneider's questionable claims that he has been consulting and growing businesses for the past three years that are valued or have gross income of between $20-500 million annually, without earning one thin dime for himself in the process.

The Chicago Tribune in their "Trib Local" section this morning picked up on the story which can be read here.  Several sentences of that article seem to be copied directly from this website without attribution. Compare them and see if you agree!  Schneider's refusal to release his tax returns is repeated. That article can be read by clicking here.  The Tribune also apparently watched the Daily Herald endorsement session videos released yesterday which were also posted on this blog site.


  1. If people thought Kirk's military slip up was bad just wait until they find out about Schneider's misstep. He said he consulted $500 million corporations and hasn't had a client or income for at least 3 years!

  2. Schneider will never release his tax returns. It would only reveal that Cadence Consulting made $0 the last three years. It would be politically embarrassing for him.