Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blatantly Misrepresenting. Laughable. Will Schneider Change His Ways?

The Daily Herald has strongly endorsed Robert Dold for reelection as our Congressman in the 10th Congressional District.  The editorial can be read here.  The endorsement was well earned by Congressman Robert Dold.

The Daily Herald flatly called Schneider's portrayal of Dold and his voting record as being "blatantly misrepresenting."

You would think that would be a major wake up call to the Schneider campaign but his spokesman repeated what the Daily Herald called "blatantly misrepresenting" and tried to justify the portrayal.

This editorial follows on the heels of the Chicago Tribune endorsement of Dold this Sunday.  The Chicago Tribune called Schneider's portrayal of Dold as a Tea Party member or adherent "laughable."

You would think that would also be a wake up call to the Schneider campaign.

With all three major newspapers in the area hitting on the refusal of Schneider to release his tax returns and his mysterious consulting business that has "zero" income and "zero" clients since at least January of 2010, you would think Schneider would come clean, become more transparent and retool his campaign for the final home stretch.

Schneider now has given three different answers to three different newspapers about what appears to be his phantom consulting business.  Which, if any, is the correct answer?  Or are they all incorrect?  Only the AOL/Huffington Post owned Patch chain has downplayed these contradictions.

But serial exaggerators, once caught in their webs of deception, somehow never can bring themselves to come clean.  Schneider seems to clearly fall into that category.

Maybe that is why Schneider refused to appear before the League of Women Voters in the Round Lake area this weekend.  Will he show up the League of Women Voters event in Lake Forest this weekend?

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  1. The wheels are coming off the Schneider campaign. In a last ditch effort, he is resorting to pathetic attacks. He knows he is finished.