Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Schneider J-Street Shuffle

The Illinois Republican Party has come out with yet another 10th Congressional District  advertisement, this time showing Democrat Brad Schneider's strong support of J-Street, a controversial pro-Israel advocacy group. Some US Jewish leaders have expressed reservations about this group's positions on Israel.  Others have disavowed them.

The Israeli Embassy declined to allow their ambassador to attend J-Street's first national conference in 2009, citing positions this group took that may "impair" Israel's interests, and later claiming they were significantly out of the mainstream.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly refused to meet with this group. The Jerusalem Post states that J-Street is anything but pro-Israel, claiming that through their actions, J-Street's institutional interests are served by weakening Israel, harming Israel's standing in Washington, and weakening the influence of the mainstream American Jewish community that supports Israel.

The group initially denied receiving funding from billionaire George Soros, but later admitted that he secretly donated $750,000.00. He and Hong Kong businesswoman Consolacion Esdicul contributing 15% of their first year revenues, which funded political campaigns in America. J-Street in turn claims to be more "progressive" than other pro-Israel and Jewish groups in the USA.

We all know Schneider's strong unwavering "progressive" views.

Famed lawyer and law professor Alan Dershowitz stated "it is a fraud in advertising to call J-Street pro-Israel."

Brad Schneider clearly is showing poor judgment by supporting what Dershowitz calls a fraud:

In response, Schneider has put out a fund raising appeal claiming he is being attacked for his "pro-Israel views." If Professor Dershowitz got it right, why can't Schneider?


  1. What was Schneider thinking?! This is going to really hurt him in the pro-Israel community.

    1. He was thinking: how can I appease the far-left nutjobs who think Iran isn't a problem? Either way this is disgraceful and he needs to come clean on whether or not he truly supports a group like Jstreet that is so entrenched in anti-Israel policies and ideologies.

  2. Shameful. Shocking. Saddening. Sickening. Scary. Simply pathetic. Brad may be pro-Israel, but this ad does call into question how far he is willing to go just to appease extreme leftists. J Street is a dangerous organization working in direct contradiction to a strong US-Israel relationship.

    Brad needs to maintain his integrity and denounce J Street.

    1. Brad is trying to have it both ways. He can't. J Street truly is not a pro-Israel organization. Comrade Jan Schakowsky from the 9th district is their poster child. Criticism of J Street and Brad are not attacks on his views, rather on his judgment.

      Trebor of Libertyville

  3. I agree. I worry about the strength of Brad's commitment to Israel if he is willing to say this to appease the far left.