Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Personal PAC Gets Shamefully Personal on State Senate Candidate Dr. Arie Friedman

How does a Pro-Choice candidate on the issue of abortion get treated by the militantly Pro-Choice Personal PAC?

In a single page letter, President and CEO Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC deliberately and falsely slimes Arie Friedman by claiming:

  • he supports dangerous restrictions on abortion and birth control,
  • he supports banning abortion with no exceptions for women who have been raped, victims of incest, or women who will die as a result of continuing a pregnancy,
  • he is contemptuous towards rape victims and attacks them,
  • he holds identical views with that of Congressman Todd Akins,
  • he supports the rights of pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control when they have "moral objections" to birth control,
  • he supports forced vaginal ultrasounds that humiliate and intimidate women,
A pediatric doctor feels this way? Really?

The factual basis for these attacks? How deliberately dishonest can this  organization get? My only conclusion is that Personal PAC could care less about facts and its own credibility. The usual knee-jerk support by Personal PAC of Democratic candidates should now be viewed in a different light.

Will Julie Morrison, Friedman's opponent, disavow those lies or will she continue to use them in her quest to be elected as a State Senator representing the 29th District? My bet is that she will continue to use them. I sincerely doubt she will prove me wrong.

Who in the media will call out Julie Morrison and Personal PAC on these deliberate lies other than me?

In the meantime, the conservative Illinois Family Institute has this to say about Arie Friedman:

Republican Arie Friedman Enthusiastically Anti-Life.

Written by Laurie Higgins

Can anyone forget that Republicans have been lectured ad nauseum that they need to call a truce on the social issues and all that matters is the economy?

Well, the barely concealed truth has been fully exposed in "Republican" Arie Friedman's recent election flyer. It reveals that the truce the Illinois GOP is demanding is really a forfeit by conservative Republicans. Dr. Friedman's flyer reveals that faux Republicans are free to pursue their anti-life agenda with impunity and without paternalistic lectures from the all-knowing Illinois GOP.

Friedman is running for the Illinois Senate in the 29th District. His campaign-with the blessing of the Illinois Republican Party-just sent out a full-color, wildly enthusiastic flyer indicating that Friedman is a full-color, wildly enthusiastic booster of women's "right" to kill their babies.

The entire point of the 8 x 10 flyer is that Friedman is pro-choice. The front is color photo with a woman proclaiming "I'm pro-choice and I'm supporting Arie Friedman for State Senate." Then on the back, the only words highlighted in yellow are the words,“Arie Friedman is pro-choice.”
Clearly, Friedman is proud of his position. Unfortunately, many Republicans will be offended and angry: offended by the eager endorsement of child-killing, and angry that their two ballot choices (Friedman and Julie Morrison) are so devoid of moral compasses on the issue of life. Despite the IL-GOP's repeated assertions, issues other than the economy matter.

Wisdom matters too.

So two extremist groups on the issue of abortion condemn State Senator Arie Friedman's stated position?  It is nice to see a candidate so fearless in stating his positions during a campaign. I also find it interesting that both extremist groups would attack a doctor specializing in pediatrics over his fearless position.  

Personal PAC needs to explain why they deliberately and maliciously lied about Dr. Arie Friedman and his publicly stated position that he is pro-choice. The Illinois Family Institute may wish to reconsider their "wisdom" of attacking a physician on this issue.

Arie Friedman is that kind of fearless. The actions of these two extremist groups prove it.

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