Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama 2.0 vs. Obama 1.0

Interesting acceptance speech tonight.  Obama 2.0 orated at length taking moderate and at times Republican positions.  Obama 2.0 used the words "middle class" as often as he used "hope" tonight, a far change from the Obama 1.0 in 2008 who treated the middle class as an afterthought. But he sounded like his heart just wasn't into his new Obama 2.0 character. He seemed to prefer being Obama 1.0 that Americans have grown to either admire or detest.

Obama 2.0 mentioned a number of plans of improving the economy without telling us what those plans were. I am assuming that some position papers will be released on these topics shortly. He also mentioned spending the money at home that we are currently spending on wars.  He also spoke about bringing down the deficit and slimming down the federal government.  What is confusing is the fact that money used to fight two wars were borrowed funds that have added to the deficit. So ultimately he will again be increasing spending?

He didn't use the word "stimulus" nor did he bring up what Democrats earlier claimed was the shining light of his first term of office, passage of "Obamacare," other than to mention the cancer his mother suffered. The Simpson-Bowles Commission recommendations on Federal spending and revenues were suddenly lauded, after he spent most of this year pretending they didn't exist. Suddenly, Obama 2.0 who promised to work with the opposition more frequently morphed into Obama 1.0 and stated there was no negotiating on the Commission findings.

Obama 2.0 didn't say "you didn't build that" or "you didn't do that" like Obama 1.0 did, instead spending time lauding the spirit of individualism and speaking how he was in favor of not only reducing the deficit, but reducing the size of government to make it leaner and more efficient. Obama 1.0 immediately resurfaced after Obama 2.0 spoke of maintaining a strong military and defense, which included "investing" (spending) in education, student loans, and maintaining "voucher less" Medicare and Social Security.

After the "God" and "Jerusalem" platform fiasco, Obama 2.0 quoted scriptures and sounded like an ordained preacher invoking God on several occasions. Out of the blue, he asserted strong support of Israel.

The Obama 1.0 campaign slogan of "Forward" seemed to take a backseat to an Obama 2.0 casserole of new slogans in the hope that one or two of them would find favor with the American public.

Many Republicans and most Democrats claim that Mitt Romney doesn't stand for anything, or changes his positions on certain issues at time on a dime or when the circumstances demand a change.  Tonight we saw Obama 1.0 morph into Obama 2.0 in a plea for reelection. At times it sounded like the old Bill Clinton triangulation approach, Obama 2.0 vs. Republicans vs. Obama 1.0 vs. Obama 2.0 vs. Obama 1.0 vs. Republicans vs.  .  .  .

With only 60 days until the election, will we see Obama 3.0? Or will he leave us even more confused than ever?

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