Sunday, September 23, 2012

Media Myths Collide With Facts

As we stated at the start up of this blog, we have been more than upset over the deliberate leanings of the main stream media (MSM) in reporting of this particular election for offices, not only in the 10th Congressional District, but nationally. Common Sense seems to have flown out the window.

A few examples:

1.  Election of our Next United States President.

Can someone give us a Common Sense explanation of national polls which show the race tightening daily since the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.  The latest Gallup Poll shows both Romney and Obama tied. Other polls show him within 1% point. New polls in "tossup" states show Romney closing rapidly or steadily. Florida is now either 1% in favor of Obama or 1% in favor of Romney this weekend.  For weeks now, the Obama camp has been telling everyone this race is over. The lapdog media has been dutifully reporting this as fact.

Has the media declined that badly? When will they start doing their jobs?

What is really reported are the following myths:
  • Obama has this election already won, thanks to "missteps" by the Romney campaign. Romney should stop campaigning right now and give up.
  • Obama's "You Didn't Build That" speech was eventually reported in the media after it went viral on social media. The media then spent two months "explaining" that speech and "putting it into context."
  • Romney's "47%" comments are a gaffe that represents the final nail in his coffin. No one really disputes the basic truth of that figure. "Explaining" and "putting it into context" just really hasn't happened.
  • Romney's statement when the riots commenced in front of our US Embassies on 9/11 were ill-advised and unbecoming. No challenger for US President must criticize foreign policy initiatives of the current administration. Kindly ignore Obama's criticisms back in 2008 about the wars.
  • Assassination of a US Ambassador?  The body of this poor man dragged through the streets filled with protesters? Our President made a quick White House statement and then ran off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nevada. When he tried to be somber in front of his fundraising crowd, they cheered and clapped. The media barely noticed. If this President were Republican, the media would have been screaming. 
  • Twenty (20) US Embassies attacked worldwide starting on 9/11. All because of a movie and not an organized 9/11 terrorist attack says the White House. They initially tried to push the idea that the riots were not anti-American, but all those visuals of burning America flags forced a change of direction. Senator John McCain said it best: rocket launchers and other such sophisticated weaponry do not suddenly appear at spontaneous demonstrations.
  • Obama's "Redistribution" statements made in 1998 were immediately explained away as "old news."  No explanation as to why he repeated his "Redistribution" theory to "Joe The Plumber" during the 2008 campaign.
  • Mitt Romney paid taxes at a higher rate in 2011 than nearly every American taxpayer. The Obama campaign pounces with "look at how wealthy he is and that makes him out of touch." The media of course, reports the Obama version. The Harry Reid lie of "he pays no taxes" is forgotten. Like the top 10 wealthiest Congressmen, 8 of whom are Democrats? Like the top 10 wealthiest Senators, 7 of whom are Democrats?
  • Mitt Romney donated 30% of his income to charity in 2011. 30% of over $14 million in income? A percentage far higher than Obama. Joe Biden by comparison barely donates to charity. Has any media article noticed that the portrayal of Romney as a heartless capitalist who loves to fire people by the Obama campaign is now blatantly false?
2.  Election of our Next Congressman. (10th District/Illinois)

Robert Dold in two years compiles one of the most moderate voting records in Congress. Most local Republicans are disappointed with Robert Dold's voting record. Local Tea Party groups are angry over it. The media still portrays Robert Dold as pretending to be moderate.

The our local media continues to portray Brad Schneider as a "moderate Democrat." This in spite of repeated statements from Brad Schneider that he is a "progressive" (spelled l-i-b-e-r-a-l) who will always be a "proud progressive" who has no quarrel with the Democratic Party on any issue whatsoever.

The latest Gallup poll shows that the American public views the main stream media with the highest level of distrust in the history of Gallup polling. From our Common Sense vantage point, it is clear that the media has earned that level of mistrust.


  1. Boo hoo. Leaders lead and losers complain. Your post is nothing but whining and complaining--whining about a liberal media, complaining that Romney's just not able to get his message out there. Well, if he can't tackle a liberal media, then maybe he's not equipped to be the leader of the free world. Last time I checked, George W. Bush didn't run a loser campaign. Maybe the problem is the candidate, not all of these supposed liberal bogeymen. Stop complaining. Buck up. And accept that Obama will coast to reelection.