Sunday, September 23, 2012

Local Democrats Ducking Debates?

You know we are in a different election from the usual ones we experience when:

Challengers for office start ducking debates.

Our local news media has barely reported this phenomenon or has ignored it. If the situation were reversed, our local news media would make it front page news.

But then again, with the national record of failure of Democrats in running the Federal Government, and the decade plus failure of Democrats in running State Government, perhaps this phenomenon is more real than imagined.  

Consider this:
  1. Republican Incumbent Robert Dold (R-10th) agrees to 10 debates. Challenger Brad Scheider accepts only 4.  Dold did refuse one debate where he would have sat with a panel of candidates running for Congress including Representative Jan Shakowsky. But why is Dold looking for 10 one-on-one debates with Schneider, and Schneider backing away from 6 of them? Perhaps Schneider doesn't want to bring up his recent "small business" success story in which he reports "zero" income?
  2. Republican Incumbent Joe Walsh (R-8th) would like to have near daily debates. That is his style and it drives Democrats crazy. He constantly schedules and hosts town hall meetings and coffees in restaurants. Challenger Tammy Duckworth accepts only 4.
  3. For the 29th Senate District seat now being held by retiring State Senator Susan Garrett, Arie Friedman (R) gets no response from Julie Morrison (D) over scheduling debates, other than both agreeing to the League of Women's Voters debate in October. Now I'm hearing that Julie Morrison does not want to be jointly interviewed by the Daily Herald with Arie Friedman, but wants to be interviewed separate and apart, something the Daily Herald usually does not agree to. Why?
  4. Over at the Daily Herald, candidate Rupam Dave (D) no-showed the joint endorsement interview for the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court race. Keith Brin (R) appeared. The Daily Herald proceeded with the interview.
I now have calls into other campaigns in the 10th to find out the latest developments in the "no, no, no, leave me alone, I don't want to debate you," behavioral pattern which seems to be sweeping the area among Democratic candidates.

So what is going on here local Democrats? Why the sudden shyness?

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