Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Latest Local Poll Results

We've watched local candidates from both parties brag about polling numbers. We have watched various local candidates use their poll numbers in pleas for fundraising. We've watched various Patch publications try to report on these numbers. Many have wondered about the accuracy of those various polls. Which ones are true? Which ones are merely devices for campaigns to retool their messages and efforts?

Journalist Rich Miller authors the most informative website on Illinois politics, Capitol Fax. He initially started a subscription Fax Newsletter and now continues that service. Those of you who access his website will note that some information that is posted is limited to subscribers. I have been a subscriber for roughly 10 years. In his spare time, Miller also writes a weekly syndicated column that appears in many newspapers, and also a column for the Chicago Sun-Times which appears each Friday on various Illinois issues. The comments that follow his articles are generally among the most informed you will see on the internet.

Mr. Miller has partnered with the polling service "We Ask America" to poll local State Senate and State Representative races in Illinois and has started publishing the results of those polls this week. The polls do not appear to be slanted or push polls.

I will soon add a link to the Capitol Fax website on the right sided column of this blog for your future reference. I will be also adding other links to other interesting sites shortly now that I have finally learned a simple trick to add such sites without reinventing the wheel.

Of local interest, yesterday he released a poll on the McSweeney (R) vs. Beaubian (R?-I?-D?) Race.

Today he releases poll results concerning:
  1. Friedman (R) vs. Morrison (D) State Senate Race
  2. Greenberg (R) v. Nekritz (D) State Representative Race
  3. Shaw (R) v. Drury (D) State Representative Race
He will have more poll results on other races as the week progresses.  What is fascinating about the Capitol Fax/We Ask America polling is that those numbers tend to affirm prior polling of one particular political party in this State.

To view the poll results, you will have to access his website http://capitolfax.com and subscribe. Subscribe means actually paying money on that site. Current subscribers such as myself are barred from disclosing subscriber information. You will see the results and Miller's take on them, including which political party's polling numbers appear to be more accurate.

Go subscribe and see for yourselves.

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