Monday, September 24, 2012

Illinois Unemployment Continues To Increase

Arie Friedman, Republican candidate for State Senator (29th) has issued a press release which the main stream media (MSM) has basically ignored.  Illinois unemployment figures continue to increase now for three straight months and continue to be much higher than the national averages.

The Lake County News-Sun reported today that the Federal Government announced that 26 States showed increases in unemployment, 12 showed a decline and 12 remained the same.

Friedman's statement is as follows:

Career politicians continue to kill Jobs in Illinois   
Highland Park -The Illinois Department of Employment Security monthly jobs report for August revealed that the Illinois unemployment rate rose for a third straight month to a staggering 9.1%. This .2% increase from the previous month serves as a reminder that career politicians in Springfield continue to devastate our state economy and new leadership is desperately needed.

"The career politicians in Springfield have shown a complete disregard for struggling families in Illinois," said state senate candidate, Dr. Arie Friedman. "The 67% income tax and 45% corporate tax increase are sending jobs and businesses to our neighboring states. When I am elected state senator my first vote will be to repeal these job killing policies."

After 13 months of refusing to answer the question regarding the tax hike, Friedman's opponent, has come out in support of the Quinn-Tax increase. According to her website her position is that we should "let this tax increase expire in 2015."

"I'm glad that after hiding from the question for over a year, my opponent is finally being straight with the voters. Even though it is disconcerting that she would come out in favor of the increase after it has been proven beyond a doubt to be a complete failure," said Friedman.

Friedman added, "Families in Illinois can't wait another three years to have jobs comeback to the state. Besides, does anyone really believe the Democrats in Springfield won't make the tax increase permanent?" 

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