Wednesday, September 5, 2012

UPDATES - Democrats, God and Israel

Reports coming out of the Democratic National Convention reflect:
  • God Himself has been removed from the platform;
  • There is no longer a demand that the City of Jerusalem be considered the capitol of Israel.
Last week Democrats pounced on certain portions of the Republican National Platform that was adopted at the RNC convention.  It's only fair that portions of the Democratic National Platform also be highlighted.

Candidate Brad Schneider?  Is this true?  With your strong pro-Israel stances, do you support this?  Or will Jerusalem someday be the capitol city of those who still seek to eradicate and erase Israel from the face of this earth?

And is there a problem with God and Democratic positions?  Just wondering .  .  .

UPDATE #1:  The delegates at the DNC this afternoon voted to put God back into their platform.  That didn't take long.

UPDATE #2: The delegates at the DNC this afternoon voted to restore the language that the City of Jerusalem be considered the capitol of Israel.  A few other pro-Israel items were also reinserted. It took the Democratic National Conventio three voice votes with loud "no" votes, but in the end, with the "no" votes sounding louder than the "aye" votes, the Chairman of the Platform Committee, wielding the gavel like a Michael Madigan, ruled that the "ayes" had it anyway.

What were they thinking?  What are they still thinking?  I always thought America considered Israel to be one of its best friends in the world.  Is this the way we treat our best friends?


  1. Why should there be any mention of any god in a political platform? Which god should be there? God the way Presbyterians worship god, or the way Baptists worship, or the way Muslims worship, or the way Mormons worship? The many gods that Hindus worship? The loving god or the punishing god? God as understood in the Jewish bible or one of the many versions of the Christian bible? God as modern Americans view god, or as the authors of the Constitution viewed god? God the father or god the mother? Blond white god or African black-skinned god? Maybe there is a reason the Constitution tries to separate religion from government.

  2. Thank God Ronald Reagan already moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Whoops, I meant to say, thank God George H.W. Bush already moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Whoops again, I meant to say, thank God George W. Bush moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

    Louise: Where's the criticism for the Republicans on failing to keep this promise? It's absent because its a total bi-partisan canard every four years.

    But nice try.