Friday, September 21, 2012

Brad Schneider: America's Smallest Small Businessman has been doing some homework on Congressional races. They noticed something odd about some official filings of Brad Schneider, Democratic candidate for Congress in our local 10th District.

Mr. Schneider has been advertising on his literature, website and television that he has experience in the business world and is a successful small business owner.  The name of this business is called Cadence Consulting, LLC, which Schneider states he founded in 2008. In financial disclosures filed by the candidate, he claims no income from this business since January of 2010 and that it has less than $1,000.00 in assets. Cadence also has two subsidiaries in which Schneider received no income since January of 2010.

Breitbart surmises that anyone can go ahead and set up a limited liability corporation and website, print up some business cards and call himself a small business owner. Constructing a house of cards isn't difficult. Creating and/or managing a successful business is. This business according to Schneider advises and assists corporations with net assets or cash flows of between $20 to $50 million in revenue annually. Pretty impressive stuff according to the website and campaign literature. Yet the result of that business is no income to the owner? Not one thin dime? Something is clearly wrong here.

Either Mr. Schneider is a successful businessman or he is not. Cadence advises small businesses earning between $20-50 million in revenue annually, and does not get paid for this work?

Click here to read the article.  The article includes the Schneider filings for the whole world to see. The article can also be accessed at: appears to be right.  According to this information, Brad Schneider is America's Smallest Small Business Owner. Brad Schneider has a lot of explaining to do to the voters of the 10th District.


  1. You've got to be kidding me. Brad Schneider is toast.

  2. This is way worse than even Dan Seals! At least he had the excuse he was running for Congress so he couldn't make any money. Brad Schneider hasn't made anything!

  3. Brad Schneider is Dan Seals without the good stuff

  4. Just watch the DCCC pull their resources away from this guy. He's the weakest Democratic candidate is the contested Congressional races.