Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Is Brad Schneider?

Republicans of Illinois are asking the same questions I am about candidate Brad Schneider, who is running in the Illinois 10th Congressional District.  His own very words on tape can be accessed at:

For those who did not believe my earlier posting about that code word "progressive" that "liberals" use to disguise their positions, "Who Is Brad Schneider?" proves my conclusions to be correct. Brad Schneider continues to proudly proclaim himself a "progressive." You can reread my article here at:

He reaffirms his progressivism (spelled Liberalism) in an article he authored on August 14, 2012,which appears in various Patch electronic publications in the 10th District entitled "Why I'm Running." Brad started out by proudly touted his endorsement by Illinois' firefighters and promised to protect their funding and benefits. Yet the funding and benefits Brad will "protect" primarily come from local municipal governments and fire districts in Illinois and the pensions and benefits he speaks of come from the same source and are administered by the State of Illinois. Mr. Schneider proclaims that: "Not even funding for our fire departments is above the partisan brinksmanship" (of Washington).

Is something missing here?  Does Mr. Schneider think he is running for the State House?

Mr. Schneider also claims that we can do better than this "Tea Party do-nothing Congress" that two years ago "promised jobs and return to fiscal discipline." I don't see President Obama's name anywhere in his article. Nor do I see the name of Senator Harry Reid and the U.S. Senate which repeatedly refuses to call for votes all the bills the "do-nothing Congress" has sent to their attention. Nor do I see Mr. Schneider complaining about Mr. Obama's support of Harry Reid's tactics. All I see are the same words I see in National Democratic Congressional Campaign press releases. Blind Partisanship.

Mr. Schneider demands that Medicare and Social Security benefits "be preserved." He mentions nothing how to pay for "preserving" these programs as they current exist. Or where that money will come from other than forcing wage earners to pay more out of each paycheck. Is he complaining that Mr. Obama took nearly a quarter of a billion dollars out of the Medicare and Social Security system to pay for "Obamacare?" Isn't one of the funding problems of Social Security and Medicare is the penchant of the Federal Government to use those funds as a piggy bank for other programs? Is he concerned that these programs will soon run out of cash as they continue to pay benefits at a much higher rate that these programs take in through payroll deductions?

Brad, your positions please?

I do agree with Mr. Schneider when he states "I've never seen economic conditions less conducive to helping (small businesses) and more conducive to lining special interests' pockets." I agree. Obama's "Too Big to Fail" policies have ruined many smaller banks and businesses.  Ask Alexi Giannoulias about his once family owned bank. The bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler "saved" the part of "Big Auto" that was "too big to fail" at the expense of small business dealerships, whose shuttered businesses we still drive by in the 10th Congressional District who once employed mechanics, secretaries, salesmen, bookkeepers, and others. Even vacant storefronts in all of our towns have been steadily increasing. Is Mr. Schneider critical of the Obama administration's "Too Big To Fail" policies? How will he help smaller businesses as they struggle to survive in today's sluggish economic climate?

Is it true that Mr. Schneider during a recent newspaper editorial interview stated that he did not disagree with a single Democratic policy? That he would not vote against a single Democratic policy or bill? Does that mean that if elected, Mr. Schneider will be a puppet of national Democratic leadership?

Does he agree with the wild spending of the past four years? Does he feel our nation and this District is better off today than it was before we added another 5 trillion dollars in federal debt in three years? The 10th Congressional District is filled with Republicans who are less than thrilled to see Congressman Robert Dold voting against his party party leadership as many times as he has thus far. How will you tackle that debt Mr. Schneider, the same debt you complained of in your article?

Robert Dold has a voting record that can be reviewed, analyzed, distorted or contorted to fit arguments both for and against his reelection by both parties. Schneider does not. Dold's record of fiscal and social issues mirrors a long line of Congressmen in our 10th who have served us in the past, such as Congressmen John Porter and Mark Kirk. Voters in the 10th have been comfortable with their time of representation for over well over two decades.

So who is Brad Schneider?


  1. Who is Louis G Atsaves? Is he just an echo-chamber for the Republican party? Can he never find anything nice to say about any Democrat or Democratic policy? Is he so biased that he has no credibility? Is there any reason to read what he says?

  2. ^I dont know Mr. Atsaves but I stumbled across this blog and have rather enjoyed it. Yes he is obviously a Republican, but there are tons of liberal/democrat blogs and we need someone that defends that crap they spew.

    As for this post, I have NO IDEA who brad schneider is. He seems like the most generic candidate they could pull out of a pod to run for this seat. But it seems as if nobody knows what he stands for. Is he liberal? Is he progressive? Is he moderate? From what I've seen, and I'm someone who has voted for dems and pubs, he has zero original, independent, or otherwise moderate stances on key issues. I can't see myself voting for someone who doesn't have the slightest clue how to fix medicare.

    Keep up the good work Louis!

  3. Apparently, he is an Occupy Wall Street loving liberal. How can you bemoan partisanship and support a radical movement where thousands of people were arrested?

  4. Anon 2:36 a.m. Obviously you are new to the blogging scene in our district. Lou always comments with his name attached, is hardly a rubber stamp for all Republicans in office or hoping to be in office. The question Lou raises is valid regarding Brad Schneider. What would Brad do if elected vis-a-vis being a totally partisan vote. That's not the pattern of those who've held this office in the past. What I think Lou is asking is who IS Brad Schneider and what can or would be expect of him should he become our Representative. Fair enough, Anon. Since you seem to want to pick a fight rather than state something of substance, it's hard for Lou or anyone else to answer. You might be a lot more comfortable on another site judging from your comment. I think you get the picture.

  5. Lou misses one very critical point about Brad. The very 1st vote that Congress takes is for Speaker of the House. Brad would vote for Pelosi. Bob won't. Who ever controls the gavel controls the agenda and I don't want Nancy Pelosi anywhere near the Speakership! Trebor of Libertyville

    p.s. Don't you think Schneider's initials are appropriate...BS.

  6. Last week, 10th District Democratic Congressional candidate Brad Schneider boldly asserted himself as a proud progressive. Now we see that Schneider is an unabashed supporter of the radical movement, Occupy Wall Street.

    This video, which has Brad Schneider proudly touting the Occupy Wall St. group answers at least, in part, his view on this group. This is Brad, in his own voice telling us exactly why he stands in support of these protestors. I'd be interested in hearing his response to this now widely circulating You Tube piece.