Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Own This Country

It took a Hollywood icon, actor and director, oddly debating an empty chair, to bring home what American politics is all about. It is about us. We own this country. We elect our governments. Governments that are supposed to serve us. If those in government we hire through elections fail to do that job, we need to replace them. Even those controlling government who gerrymander districts to perpetuate themselves in office at our expense.

To my left, during Eastwood's speech, I thought I saw a flash of light in my backyard.  I finally concluded it was Chris Matthews exploding. I'm sure he is still sputtering in rage. He no longer talks about experiencing that tingle down his leg.

It took a newly elected Senator whose parents fled from communist Cuba where no opportunity existed, so that he in turn can live the American dream. His father worked long hours at two jobs, including working behind a bar at banquets, while others stood at podiums, so that he in turn, could stand in front of a podium.

It took a very successful businessman who tonight finally embraced those very successes, after being ridiculed for them by his opposition for the past few months. That same businessman who accepted his party nomination to run for president of this still great country.

I'm but a very casual watcher of televised national conventions. That makes me unusual for a political junkie. I didn't rush home all week to watch the convention. I hear enough live political speeches without watching more on television. Tonight, I thought I'd watch a few minutes, then take in the Chicago Bears game. That didn't happen.

It also didn't take long for television pundits to rip apart these basic messages. What seemed to differ this time is that the liberal media lapdogs on television were actually sputtering at the conclusion of it all.

They should be sputtering.

A few simple truths tonight took away their arguments and made them angry.

We own this country.

Yes, us.


  1. Lou - I watched the convention on CSPAN and didn't have to put up with the talking heads. Also, they covered all the speeches, videos, and music; gavel to gavel. - Trebor of Libertyville

  2. The message that was delivered by a wealthy Hollywood actor, that people should vote for a wealthy venture capitalist, is unlikely to move many people who were reminded from that same podium that same evening that the one percent increasingly owns America, and that the middle class has been suffering declining income and net worth. I think the elite of the Republican party will quickly move away from the "we own it" message, because they don't want us to think about the fact that they do.

  3. @Anon - Your message of despair and decline is terribly depressing. People don't want to vote for a party who's platform is based on deep seeded disdain for other Americans.

  4. Bravo, Anon 2:38! The previous poster can wallow in his Democrat ideals of this pathetic current administration. The America WE know is proud of the accomplishments of our fellow citizens. The America WE treasure is comprised of people with the can--do spirit, the good sense to get out there and take personal responsibility for each year of our lives without demanding that the government care for us from cradle to grave. Clint Eastwood gave a message that resonates not because of his wealth but because of his purpose in life. The man currently in the White House, OUR HOUSE, is sadly mistaken if he feels that the majority of Americans want a hand out each day. Americans are proud of our accomplishments and happy to celebrate the successes of others. We ALL own America, not just the few. Sour grapes, a sad view of life and surely the wrong view of the greatest nation on the planet expressed by Anon 8:05. I feel your "pain".