Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sign Wars, Chapter 2

Gotta love politics in Highwood, Illinois.  The participants pull every trick in the book, from pulling signs of opponents, to supporting both opponents in a race, to switching allegiances on a moment's notice, to calling the police and demanding arrests to rumor mongering and leaking of confidential information. Store front owners put up signs for candidates, then take them down and replace them with opposition signs after a brief visitation. Everyone running for municipal office in Highwood is a reformer, yet no reforms ever seem to take place after elections.

But they never claimed to be Mayberry. It's the only town I know that does not have a Chief of Police and Fire Chief, only different individuals "acting" in those capacities.

A few days ago I wrote about the mysterious vanishing and reappearance of Republican Mark Shaw signs along a shopping mall in Highwood on Sheridan Road. At the start of the month, Shaw for State Representative signs were simultaneously placed with Republican Mike Nerheim for State's Attorney signs along a strip mall owned by a rather politically active landlord.

A few days later, the Shaw signs vanished and the Nerheim signs remained. Again, it's a Highwood thing. Anywhere else in Lake County, all the signs present would have vanished. The Shaw signs were replaced shortly thereafter and lo and behold, after two days, just those signs vanished a second time.  I even made mention of it in an article late last week.

Last night while driving home on Sheridan Road at 8:30 p.m. I noticed the second set of Shaw replacement signs still present at that location.

This morning at 8:30 a.m. those signs were gone again!  Vanished!

Using Common Sense, it is still August, way too early for sign wars.  But in Highwood, such mind numbing  gamesmanship is carried on 24/7, 365 days a year, decade after decade. Common Sense doesn't apply to Highwood politics.

Mark Shaw is running against Democrat Scott Drury, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice. I'm sure that Drury is not condoning the sign vanishings, but clearly his hyperactive Highwood supporters haven't received any memos that say "leave my opponent's signs alone." Even if they did, in Highwood, the memo would be tossed or ignored and the games would continue.

So we are going to pay extra special attention to that location. And we are going to keep count. The number of vanishings. The number of replacements. Maybe we will have a contest over how many times these vanishings occur at that location. We'll work up a set of rules for the contest.

With the winner getting a Shaw for State Representative yard sign.

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  1. Sounds much like the antics in Waukegan, home of Sneaky Pete Couvall and Terry Link!