Thursday, August 9, 2012

Progressive Schneider is Too Old To Change

That certainly didn't take long.  A few elections back, liberals stopped referring to themselves as liberal when voters repeatedly rejected their views on expanding government and increasing taxes at the expense of the individual. After liberals began losing elections on a regular basis, they attempted to morph into "progressives." They now use the word "Progress" to attempt to show that they are in favor of moving things forward, neglecting of course to mention that they want that movement to be to the liberal left. Nowadays, when you hear someone refer to themselves as a "progressive" they are using a code word to disguise their liberalism.

Brad Schneider has a problem.  During the primary, he barely defeated a candidate who unabashedly campaigned from the far left and proudly proclaimed himself a "progressive."  During the primary, Schneider attempted to first campaign as a moderate, then abandoned that facade and proclaimed that he too was a "progressive."

Now the Illinois Republican Party has released a video where Schneider in a series of public appearances, affirms over and over again that he is truly a progressive. At one point he angrily states that he is too old to change.

For years, the Illinois 10th has been long represented by Republicans in the mold of Congressmen John Porter, Mark Kirk and now Robert Dold.  Thoughtful moderates on social issues who trend conservative on economic issues affecting all of our pocketbooks.

Brad has already stated that he will not be a "Blue Dog Democrat" who is fiscally conservative if elected.

Brad, we believe you!

You can see the video by clicking here!

Yesterday, Schneider issued a fund raising appeal using this ad which he described as "simply a montage of me expressing my values."  Brad, we believe you!  He repeats that he "will be a Progressive voice in Congress. You can put that in an ad and claim it's an attack, but that doesn't make Progressive a dirty word."  Brad, we believe you!  He even went so far to say that if his opponents "think they can make me run from my values, they'v got another thing coming."  Brad, we believe you!

You are a Progressive with extreme liberal views.

Thanks for strongly confirming that!

The next time anyone sees any media or journalist refer to Schneider as a "moderate," please feel free to correct them.  Brad Schneider I am sure would deeply appreciate your efforts!


  1. This guy is a goon. He isn't fooling one. Everyone knows that progressives are liberals, and nobody wants a seemingly angry liberal like Brad representing us.

  2. He's tacking more to the left than he did in the primary!

  3. Every time I hear a solid conservative complain about Dold, I ask them if they are actually aware of his opponents positions on the major issues. Dold is the only viable choice, get on the bandwagon before you get left behind.
    Bill Burns, Lake Villa
    P.S. Thanks Lou for starting this blog

  4. Brad Schneider's campaign's success is based on the false notion that Dold is a "Tea Party Extremist". Well, there's only one extremist in this election and that's Mr. Progressive, Brad Schneider.

    Mr. Schneider needs to be honest with us and tell us that he's not the moderate he claims to be. If he's not going to be honest with us as a candidate, what makes you think he'll be honest with us as a congressman.

  5. How ironic that Schneider refers to Congressman Dold as "radical" when it seems that Mr. Schneider's views are radically liberal!

  6. What is Brad Schneider's position on the issues? He only calls himself a progressive but what does that really mean

    Also what experience does he have? Is he prepared to lead this district?

    1. Ill tell you what progressive DOESN'T mean--it DOESNT' mean moderate. Our president also considers himself a progressive and look what he's done to "move our country forward." He created a bankrupting government-run healthcare system, tightened regulation on small businesses while doing nothing to prevent too big to fail, and has raised our national deficit to over $1 trillion ever year since taking office. Oh yeah, and our unemployment rate is still snug above 8%, despite his bailouts. If this is what a progressive candidate considers progress, then I'll take my chances with someone else.

      And no, he isn't prepared to lead this district. What has he ever run in his life? Failed businesses? According to his linkedin the guy has never held a steady job. It seems at some point he just got bored and decided to run for congress.

  7. Doesn't the Republican Party care that the video infringes on the federal copyright laws by using music without permission?