Friday, August 24, 2012

Common Sense Thoughts about Nonsense

This is an interesting political cycle.  With so much at stake and following the Democratic inspired gerrymandered new redistricting across the board in Illinois, little observations pop up that leave more questions than answers.

We attempted to apply common sense logic to a few but .  .  .

(A)  Why would Congresswoman "Law and Order" Jan Shakowsky (D-Evanston) host a fund raiser this week for the Lake County Democratic candidate for State's Attorney?  What is her interest in local Lake County affairs these days? Doesn't her district lie well south of the border of Lake County? 

(B)  Why are Democrats and the Obama Campaign so busy trying to tell Republicans how to act and behave at the Republican National Convention that is opening in Tampa, Florida?  They even have their little media lap dogs doing the same thing. Are they telling us if the Republican party tweaks their platform, positions and candidates a just a wee bit, then die-hard Democrats by the thousands will happily flock over and vote for Republicans? Do they think we are that dumb? But then, the media seems to have bought those lines!

(C)  Congressional Candidate Tammy Duckworth has been pounding on Congressman Walsh for nearly a year now, in fact, far longer than Walsh has actually been in the race in the newly Democratic gerrymandered Just for Tammy 8th Congressional District. I receive daily email fundraising appeals for Tammy for some reason, all of which constantly express her horror over the thought that Mr. Walsh is in Congress and making a variety of personal attacks. The media in turn concentrates only on Walsh comments about Duckworth. Now suddenly, Ms. Duckworth has some tax issues she is now just fixing after the Daily Herald published an article about it? What's that expression about glass houses, Tammy?

(D) Congressional Candidate Brad Schneider claims to be for the "middle class," but he wants the "Bush Tax Cuts" to expire on January 1, 2013, socking us middle class in the 10th Congressional District with additional federal taxes of over $148.00 a week per tax return, or over $78.00 a week per tax return nationally. He then lauds the "Occupy" movement, which openly mocks suburbia, our lifestyles and other middle class values. He then releases his first campaign commercial about giving special preferences at work to another special "class" of individuals. How is all that going to help the middle class?

(E) A political sign war skirmish has already started up this month. Folks, we are still in the month of August! In Highwood along Sheridan Road in the parkway of a strip shopping mall, signs have popped up for Nerheim for State's Attorney and Shaw for State Representative, bringing a warm feeling to my Republican heart.  But wait!  The Shaw signs disappeared a few days later, then were later replaced.  After thinking all again was well, the Shaw signs disappeared yet again! The Nerheim signs remain untouched. Then it hit me!  Scott Drury lives in the same area and probably drives down that very same Sheridan Road. The same Scott Drury who is running against Mark Shaw? The same Scott Drury who initially started running for Lake County State's Attorney against Chris Kennedy before suddenly changing his mind and running for the State House? Too coincidental?

Questions, questions, questions!


  1. My apologies to a poster. I accidentally deleted a posting about Congressional Franking Privileges. If that poster would care to resubmit that posting it would be appreciated.

    I'm still learning the Blogger protocols and somewhere along the way I slipped up!

  2. Thank you, Louis. My question was, how does Bob Dold get away with sending blatantly political mailings at taxpayer expense? All his mailings ever say is how wonderful he is.